Costs and Timing

The Cost

The Product of the Year endorsement, based on the consumer research conducted by Nielsen, is a powerful tool in driving awareness and sales of innovative products. Brands that have won POY Award have reported an upward tick in sales and increased new product trials.

Entry Fee: Rs. 1 lakh + taxes

Category Winner: Rs. 18 lakhs + taxes (Winning Fee)

Total for Winning: Rs. 19 lakhs + taxes

What is the Jury Selection? Before being reviewed by 7000 consumers, entered products are put in front of a Jury panel of industry experts and members of the media who make sure the submissions meet the innovation criteria.

What is the Entry Fee? Entered products must pay the Entry fee of Rs. 1 lakh + taxes in order to proceed to the National Consumer Survey stage. This fee has to be paid within 7 working days after entering online.

What is the Winner Fee? All Entered products are put into research study conducted by Nielsen on product innovation with 7000 consumers. Consumers vote on products in each category based on innovation appeal, use, satisfaction and purchase intent. Products with the highest score in each category are named Product of the Year winners.
If you win the Product of the Year title, the Winner fee becomes payable whether you use the title or not.

When Will I know if I won? Winners will be confidentially notified mid March and can prepare marketing efforts from 1st April, 2017 after the Awards Night.


  1. Nominations are now open for the Product of the Year 2017 Awards.
    Please nominate online by filling the Entry Form.
  2. Survey will be conducted through December 2016, January and early February 2017. Results will be announced in mid March 2017.
  3. Usage rights will start from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

When you nominate your product you commit to the entire process and cannot withdraw at any stage after nomination.

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