How It Works


Product of the Year follows three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter Your Product

Companies nominate their best innovations launched between January 1, 2015 and December 15, 2016 online on the Product of the Year website.

Step 2: Jury Selects Finalists

A Jury panel of eminent industry leaders will filter the products and shortlist the nominations received for the nationwide 100% face-to-face Nielsen Consumer Survey.  Not all products make it to the next round of the program.

Step 3: Consumers Vote

The shortlisted products that make it are put through an independent, face-to-face, consumer survey conducted by Nielsen. Please Note: No products are required at this stage as the consumers vote on the product innovation descriptor and Nielsen tabulates the data on appeal and satisfaction for the nominated products.

The Winners

Products with the highest votes in each category become Product of the Year winners in their category. There is only one winner in each category – the winner uses the Product of the Year 2017 seal for one year to promote the winning product – i.e., from April 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2018.

Winners of the Product of the Year award in India, UK, France, Germany, USA and other countries have all benefited from featuring our seal in their TV commercials, press ads and packaging. The POY 2017 seal may be used across all communication and on packaging, PR, BTL and any other media.

The Cost

  1. Entry Fee – Rs 1 lakh plus taxes per product.
  2. Winner Fee – If you are selected the winner in the consumer survey, you pay us a usage fee of Rs 18 lakhs plus taxes which entitles you to use the POY 2017 seal for one year.Important:
    a) This usage fee becomes payable whether you use the seal or not. It is payable only if you have won in your category.
    b) When you nominate your product you commit to the entire process and cannot withdraw at any stage after nomination.

The Benefit

  1. You increase sales and trial of your product.
  2. It is a ‘word of mouth’ if you will – an independent endorsement by shoppers which pushes consumers to try out the winning product versus competition.
  3. Your trade has a more compelling reason to push the product in the market.
  4. You product and more importantly, your brand overall gets very high awareness and a clear differentiator.
  5. Your overall brand gains credibility.
  6. You get a detailed trend analysis and usage study on your category done during our survey.


  1. Entry is now open for the Product of the Year 2017 Awards. Please nominate online by filling the Entry Form.
  2. Survey will be conducted through December 2016, January and early February 2017. Results announced in mid March 2017.
  3. Usage rights will start from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018.

Entry process
Entry process is simple. Fill the online entry form on the Enter page. A Product description is required to be submitted along with other product and company details.
Entry fee needs to be paid within 7 working days after entering online.

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